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Battlefield Pirates Release 2.1

Battlefield Pirates 2 is a game mod for Battlefield 2
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Battlefield Pirates

Battlefield Pirates 2 is a game mod for Battlefield 2. It changes the game completely and replaces the modern elements of the first-person shooter with the world of Pirates of the Caribbean.
The Pirates mode pits two factions: the Undead and the Peglegs. Just like in all Battlefield games, users have to conquer specific points on the map to change the balance of power in a match and claim victory. However, now you won't be shooting MP4s, or throwing hand grenades. Most likely, you will have to make use of Muskets and swords.

Weapons are not the only thing changed in the game. The characters are all dressed in pirate outfits. The vehicles, that you can use, have also been adapted for the pirate settings. You can now command cannons on the old 18th Century battleships and fortified positions. Aircrafts are also available, which is really unrealistic, but well, the point is to have fun.

The graphics is not better than the one of the original game, but it isn't really bad either. You can see some defects here and there on the textures and the characters.

Although this mode still doesn't provide a single player experience, like Battlefield 2, it is great on multiplayer. There are even some added game modes, like the Zombie mode, that are a blast to play.

José Fernández
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  • It brings new life to an old game
  • Zombie mode


  • Some minor character and map texture bugs
  • No single player campaign yet
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